Middle exam rubric

Problem 1

Initialize ArrayList[]4
For loop control6
Adding element3

Problem 2

For loop control6
printf invocatoin3
Format arguments3
Format specification3

Problem 3

2 for each: 1.4 for value and 0.6 for type.

Problem 4

Creating array

Declaring and creating array2
for control4
Setting element4

Counting aces

Initializing count
For loop control4
Test with update5

Problem 5

Subproblem 5A

4/tr> 4/tr> 52
Scanner open
PrintWriter open
Exception handler
Message for each file

Subproblem 5B

5/tr> 4/tr> 3/tr> 3/tr>
loop through words
tests if token is integer
prints token on line if integer
skips token if not integer

Programs with while(scannerIn.hasNextInt()) as outer loop [nonterminating loop] receive 4 of 12 points for parts one, two and three and approrpriate points for printing integer