CSCI/EGM 373 Syllabus



The course instructor for EGM/CSCI 373 is J Dean Brock. The course will meet on Tuesday evening from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM in Robinson TBA.

Class home page

All class handouts, including homework assignments, can be found through the following URL:


Their is no required textbook for the course.

Course Descriptions

CSCI 373.001

ST:Robotics Project
Students will work in teams to develop entries for the IEEE SoutheastCon 2013 student competitions. The course will cover technical aspects of sensor-based robots, project management, and system design. Prerequisite: CSCI 181 or 182, or permission of instructor.

EGM 373.602

ST:Advanced Mechatronics Design Lab An introduction to the design and construction of microprocessor-controlled electromechanical systems. This course builds on fundamental mechatronics concepts and is project and design oriented. It provides hands-on working knowledge of real time software, real time programming, computer interfacing, mechanical design, fabrication and control system design and the integration of these areas. Prerequisite: EGM 180, Mechatronics majors only.

Meetings and People

The course instructor is Dean Brock. Dan Melling, Micha Prendergast and Andrew Zorn will also be TA’s for the course.

Learning objectives

This course has a goal: Building a robot for the IEEE SoutheastCon 2013 student hardware competition. To achieve that goal, we’ll need to learn a bit about project management, design modularization, programming, image processing, motors control, sensors, communications, and whatever else is required.

This robot is being built for a student competition. Instructors aren’t allowed to compete in student competitions. This means that students must assume a significant role in the course. The instructor will provide some insightful lectures, but the students must do the heavy lifting.


The course grade will be determine by two equally weighted components: Mastery of Theory and Project Contribution.

Mastery of Theory will be measured by homeworks or tests in six areas, which may change as the direction of the course proceeds.

Project Contributation will be judged by both the instructor and your peers based on your work and on required class presentations.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

University of North Carolina at Asheville is committed to making courses, programs and activities accessible to persons with documented disabilities. Students requiring reasonable accommodations must register with the Disability Services Office by providing supporting documentation. All information provided will remain confidential. For more information please contact the Disability Services Office at (828)232-5050 or or visit them in the OneStop Student Services Center.

Email Communication

Academic administrators at UNCA have told instructors that information protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act should only be sent to official university email addresses. Information related to recorded grades is clearly protected, as is any discussion that would allow a reader to draw conclusions about your performance or attendance in class.

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