EGM/CSCI 373 Progress mid-October



Another way that I could become more productive is to have the XXXX team develop an initial prototype (or many easily replicated ones). This way we could allow other teams to see what we want to start with, as well as receive feedback on the initial design.

As we move fowards with this project, I think that better intergroup communication would make everyone more productive. I think if we set up a 5-ish minute rotation during class for each group to talk to each other one on one, we would see much more progress.

However, personally I feel like I am treading in uncharted territory and this could be one reason for a lack of productivity.

I also envision some of the teams (....) merging as we grow more dependent on each other to complete our tasks. These things will make me and the whole team more productive.

I also feel that myself, and .... could/would benefit from a few simple tutorials or demonstrations of the different components used including the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, various sensors.

It is time to decide on one or two clear plans for the robot and star building. Then I believe everyone’s productivity increase dramatically.

Online reviews of our distance sensors make our sensors seem so unpromising for proper beam narrowness that image-processing looks better and better.

we need to have a management team that mange the production and the tasks for each team.

What I believe would make me more productive would be to have an idea of what I should actually be doing at this point

When we begin the actual programming aspect I feel I will be more productive for the group.