CSCI 255 Homework 6

This assignment is due in class or to my office assistant in RH 215 by 9:30 AM on 4 October.

Problem 1: Your turn for a problem

Take a look back at all the problems of Homework 2 and Problems 3 to 5 of Homework 4.

First, make up two problems of your own very similar to at one problem from each of the two homeworks. Often this will just be a matter of changing a few numbes.

Second, gather in groups of three to five to solve the problems created by the group.

Third, bring your solved problems to class for presentation on 2 October.

Problem 2: Overflow

We forgot to do a problem on adding and overflow.

Below are four addition problems. Convert the numbers in these problems into 7-bit twos-complement and then add as 7-bit twos-complement. Some of these additions will result in overflow.

Indicate the result of each addition and note if the addition results in overflow.