CSCI 255 Homework 3

This assignment must be submitted to the Moodle submission page for Homework 3 by 11:00 PM on Wednesday, 12 September.

Problem 1 and only

Implement a combinational circuit with three inputs I3, I2, and I1 and two outputs B1 and B0. If all inputs are zero, both outputs should be zero. If at least one input is one, the output should be the binary encoding of the largest n where In is one. Circuits similar to these are called priority encoders.

Here s a couple examples. If I3 I2 I1 is 0 1 0, then B1 B0 should be 1 0. If I3 I2 I1 is 1 1 0, then B1 B0 should be 1 1.

The solution that you turn in should be the circ file generated by Logisim. Be sure to label your inputs and outputs correctly.