Fall 2011 CSCI/EGM 373 schedule

This is a tentative schedule. There may be team meetings that replace some of the Tuesday evening class meetings.

Date Topic
Aug 23 IEEE SoutheastCon hardware competition
Topics to consider
Aug 30 what I need to know
wild idea class presention
finding the hard parts of the
building a robotic testbed
questions from the instructor
Sept 6 Some ideas from Aug 30
building a robotic testbed
Homework 3
diodes and optocouplers
trying out the Arduino
Sept 13 The teams -- 18/5 = ?
John Frimmel and git
The facilities of the Eaton Lab (Micah Prendergast and others)
Analysis of scoring by Andrew Zorn
Paul Falstad's circuit simulator
team meetings....
Sept 20 a bit about project management
reports from teams
Sept 27 team reports, charts, & competition
Oct 4 AlphaDog, Super loop and friends
Oct 18 Likely aggenda
Oct 25 General discussion of the robot
Nov 1
Nov 8
Nov 15 November 15 topics
Nov 22 More general discussion of the robot
Dec 6 -- 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm Presentations