EGM/CSCI 373 Homework 3 for September 20 and beyond

The little talk

By the end of October, I'd like to see students in the class make small presentations relevent to the job of building this robot and the What I need to know concerns of the class.

You can talk about something in which you have a great deal of experience or you can research a new field (for yourself). Here is a list of some topics, along with presenter(s), that seem appropriate for this task.

Source control system John Frimmel
Arduino hardware
Arduino Programming for C gurus
QTI sensors
and many more


I don't know how well this will work, but I've created a class WIKI on Moodle called Good stuff to read. Go to this WIKI and add something appropriate.

The sensor teams should continue to work on their assignments. For next week, try to document potential interfaces for your sensors within the class WIKI Sensors -- Design and Implementation.

Task for two weeks

Everyone in the class needs to contribute to the building of the test track. Please get in touch with Pope Matthews to see how you can contribute.