Netbeans properites

When you are writing your program for this course, be sure to have the appropropriate project properties set.

To do this, right click on the name of your project within the Projects panel and then select Properties.

In the Project Properties window select C Compiler. In the right panel, set Warning Level to Convert Warnings to Errors.

Then go to the text field to the right of Additional Options. You must write your program to either the C89 or C99 ANSI standard for this course. If you are writing to the C89 standard, type in -std=c89 -pedantic. If you are writing to the C99 standard, type in -std=c99 -pedantic.

To verify that your settings are correct, press the three dots to the right of the Additional Options text field. This will bring up a window which should, under All options list one of the following: