ECE 209 Final Review


The final exam is a 2 hour 30 minute exam that starts at 8:00 AM on Monday, 12 December.

Reference card

Master the C Reference Card.

Chapters covered

The final exam covers the book. Although the last chapter was not explicitly covered in class lecturers, the ideas of abstract data types were explored in Project P12 and the lectures on C++. The emphasis is on reading and writing short sections of C, similar to those you’ve done in the homework and the assignments. There will be not questions on C++ or the LC-3 on the final.

Homework and assignments covered

The final exam will concentrate on the elements of C covered in the C-releated homeworks and assignments. Expect particular attention to projects P8, P9, and P12,

Last year’s final

You should review last Fall’s exam and try out the solution program or, at least, read the printout of running the solution program.

Because some students insisted on having a 3 hour exam last year, that exam is about 25% longer than this year s exam will be.

The C we’ve seen

Review the C topics mentioned in the Exam 1 review and the Exam 2 review.

Here are some additional C topics covered since Exam 2 that you should review.