Overview of Homework 1X

The problem is to play that children’s game of word substution.

Interesting parts of the textbook to read

  Linked list (pp. 684-692)
    malloc (p. 685)
    example program (LISTING 17.2 -- pp 687-688)
    traversing the list (pp. 689-690)
    creating the list (pp. 690-691)
    deleting the list (pp. 691)
  Abstract Data Type (pp. 692-708)
    operators (pp. 693-694)
    creating the interface (pp. 694-699)
    using the ADT (pp. 699-700)
    implementing the ADT (pp. 701-708)
  Array-like ADT (pp. 708-720)
  Linked list vs. Array (pp. 726-730)
  Binary search tree (pp. 730-756)

ADT’s for the program

Three parts of the assignment