Homework 1X Part 3

This is the third part of a three-part assignment described in the Overview of Homework 1X. Very little code is to be written here.

Due date

This assignment must be submitted as one file named WordGameInterface.c for Homework 1X Part 3 of the ECE 209.602 / CSCI 373.002 section on UNCA moodle by 11:00 PM on Friday, 3 December.

Getting starting

Start by downloading the following three files.

You will need a test key and input file for this assignment. You use the two example files included in the Overview of Homework 1X page.

You should store all your files in a NetBeans project. Within this project you must also store the files WordLoop.h, WordLoop.c, WordMap.h, and WordMap.c that you created for the first two parts of this assignment. (If you want to use gcc from the command line, a Makefile is available.)

You should be able to compile and run your program with these three files. However, to do something useful, you’ll need to modify WordGameInterface.h file.

Running your program

This program, like Homework 9 uses command line arugments.

To run this program under NetBeans you must know (1) how to pass arguments to a program controlled by NetBeans and (2) where to place your files.

While running NetBeans, right-click on the name of your project. Then select Properties, which should be at the bottom of the pull-down menu. This will bring up a window labeled Project Properties.

Note the name of the directory listed as the Project Location. Be sure the test files have been downloaded into this directory.

Next press Run under the list of categories. You will see a field labeled Arguments in the right panel. Click on the little box with three dots to the right of Arguments. This will bring up a window labeled Debug - Arguments. In this box, Type the name of the three files. This will be something like: map.txt in.txt out.txt. Be sure to Apply your changes before closing the window.

Now you should be able to run your program. If everything works well, all you’ll see is a windows asking you to Press [Enter] to close the terminal....

To view the output of your program, press on NetBeans Files tab in the upper-left corner. Double-clicking your output file will allow you to view it.

A ZIP file

If you are willing to take a chance, you can download a ZIP file that contains a image of a NetBeans project for starting the project. These haven’t been tested, but if they work (or don&rsuo;t work) for you send me email.

The ZIP file contains a pre-compiled library for WordLoop and WordMap that should allow you to start Part 3 of the assignment before Parts 1 and 2 are complete. Do not attempt to use these when working on the first two parts of the assignment! It just won’t work, and it will confuse you.

The solution

This part of the problem is about integrating several program. Very little code need to be written. In fact, you should not need more than twenty lines of C

Keeping on schedule

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Homework 1X are due on consecutive days. If you wait until after Thanksgiving to start this assignment, you will not complete it on time.


This homework assignment will be allocated 50 points, distributed as follows.

10 File submitted with proper name
5 Compiles with no warning using -pedantic or -std=c99
10 Program is readable and maintainable
5 CreateWGI
10 AddWordToKeyWGI
10 LookupNextWordWGI