ECE 209 Programs

Requirements and advice

All submitted programs should follow the NCSU ECE 209 Coding Style Requirements.

Also, ECE 209 assignments are required to conform to ANSI standard C. At Raleigh students are expected to connect to the Linux systems to do the assignments using the gcc compiler. Many linux systems with gcc are available at Asheville. If you want to connect from a linux system from your "home" Windows computer, you will need to have a secure shell client such as PuTTY.

If you really want to run your programs on your Windows PC, don't use Visual Studio. It's complicated and non-standard. Instead install the Cygwin environment on your PC. This is a rather complicated install, so follow the Cygwin for ECE 209 installion guide if you go that route. You can also install the Netbeans IDE.

If you are using a Mac, just use the gcc which comes with Mac OS X.


115 SeptemberAssignment 1
224 SeptemberAssignment 2
316 OctoberAssignment 3
425 OctoberAssignment 4
513 NovemberAssignment 5
617 NovemberAssignment 6
7A24 NovemberAssignment 7A
7B30 NovemberAssignment 7B
7C2 DecemberAssignment 7C
7D4 DecemberAssignment 7D