Fall 2009 ECE 209 Homework 7

Review of Homework 6

In Homework 6 you took a set of C programs and translated them into a set of very primitive C programs.

You can complete Homework 7 using your answers, but it would be easier for the intructor if everyone started with the same primitive C examples based on the original set C to LC3 example programs.

Due dates and ground rules

This assignment is due on 5 November. You can turn in a written copy in class or you can email your homework to brock@cs.unca.edu.

You may work with a partner on the LC3 to C assignments, but you must change your partner between assignments.

The task

Generate reasonable symbol tables for the five primitive C programs based on the C programs on the C to LC3 page.

Here is an example of doing this for first function, swap.