ECE 209 Final Review

Oh, Say can you C

Master the entire first page and the Input/Output section of the second page of the C Reference Card. The emphasis for the exam will be on reading and writing short sections of C, similar to those you've done in the CodeLab homework and the assignments.

Chapters covered

The Final exam covers all parts of the textbook that are related to the aspects of C covered in the homework (except LC-3 homework) and the assignments.

Homework and assignments covered

All homework except for numbers 6, 7, 9, and the LC-3 version of 10 along with all programming assignments are relevant to this exam. Be particularly sure that you understand how to solve the complete RL Assignment problem.

The C we've seen

Review the C topics mentioned in the Exam 1 review and the Exam 2 review.

Here are some additional C topics covered since Exam 2 that you should review.