ECE 209 CodeLab

This course will make extensive use of CodeLab, a web-based application designed to help you learn the basics of programming in C. To test CodeLab on a trial basis, register by following the directions below. You get up to 10 exercises for free! There are a few practice exercises to introduce you to the tool.


  1. Go to --OR--
  2. Click "Register for CodeLab"
  3. Choose "I am a student in a course ..." and click CONTINUE
  4. Enter NORCARSTA-6776-0 as the Section Access Code and click CONTINUE.
  5. Continue filling out the forms being careful to enter a VALID email address and first and last names (these will appear in the professor's roster). You MUST use your Unity email address.


  1. Go to --OR--
  2. Click "Login to CodeLab"
    The username is the email address given during registration.
    The password is the password selected during registration.

Once registered, students can submit solutions to 10 exercises. To be able to work with all exercises, the student needs to obtain full access. Any student who remains registered for the course for the full term is required to purchase full access to CodeLab.

Getting Full Access

  1. Log in to CodeLab.
  2. Click LOBBY
  3. Click the button "Get Full Access"
  4. Follow the directions (options include paypal, ecommerce, check for a $2 handling fee, and payment keys)