Fall 2009 CSCI 255 Homework

If your homework grade is less than perfect, you can resubmit it up to seven days after it was returned in class with revised answers for questions you missed. If your new answer is correct, you will be given 50% credit for that problem. In other words, if you can 5.5 on a homework and resubmit it for regrading, you could get a revised grade of 7.75.

1Wednesday, 26 AugustHomework 1
2Wednesday, 2 SeptemberHomework 2
3Monday, 14 SeptemberHomework 3
4Friday, 18 SeptemberHomework 4
5Friday, 9 OctoberHomework 5
6Friday, 16 OctoberHomework 6
6Friday, 6 NovemberHomework 7