Copying your code with WinSCP

This page tries to guide a CSCI 201 students who using Windows on their "home" systems through the process of submitting their work to the UNCA Computer Science file server.

Downloading and Installing WinSCP

We recommend that you use the free program WinSCP to transfer your files. When you install WinSCP, take all the defaults so that your WinSCP windows will resemble the screen "shots" in this web page.

Finding the files to be transfered

We assume that you have participated in a CSCI 201 File Transfer lab and have learned how to use NetBeans' Project Properties windows to determine which Windows directory contains your program.

In particular, you need to be able to locate your file in a Windows explorer window as show below.
Java file in Windows explorer
Bringing up an explorer window with your file, or files, to be transfered is the first step!

Connecting to the UNCA Computer Science server

Start up WinSCP and wait for the WinSCP Login window. Now enter in the Host name field and enter your Linux user name in the User name field.
WinSCP Login window

If you use the Save... button to store your session information, you can avoid typing this information in the future.
WinSCP save session window

Initial Connection

Because WinSCP uses secure file transfer, your computer and must establish an encrypted connection. This complicates your first connection because you will be asked to add the server's host key to your cache, or list of trusted sites. Press Yes. It will only happen once.
WinSCP host key window

Moving to csci/201

WinSCP's main windows displays your local files on left side and your remote (UNCA CSCI) files on the right side. Oddly enough, we will not use the local files panel. By double clicking on the csci and then 201 folders on the remote (right) side, navigate to your csci/201 directory.
Connected to remote csci/201 directory

Creating the remote directory

The homework assignment has asked you to deposit your files in a specific subdirectory of your csci/201 folder. Here, we're going to assume that subdirectory is HomeworkXX.

Press the F7 Create Directory button to create a new directory and then name it HomeworkXX.
csci/201/HomeworkXX created
Then connect to the new directory, which should be empty. In csci/201/HomeworkXX directory

Copying the Java file

Now all you have to do it drag your file from your Windows explorer window to WinSCP's remove (right) panel.

That's all.