CSCI 201 Homework Assignment 8

Written Assignment

Write solutions to Review Question 8.1 on pages 292 to 293 of the textbook.

Due Date

Students in the day-time lecture sections should turn in their written homework at class on Friday, 8 November.

Programming Project

Write a computer program to solve Programming Exercise 8.15 on page 299 of your textbook. Start this assignment by downloading the NetBeans project contained in the Homework 8 ZIP file.

Turning in

Your completed program must be stored within a subdirectory csci/201/Homework8 of your Linux home directory. If you create a project named Homework9 at project location csci/201 this will happen automatically.

Due date

The written assignment is due in class on Friday, 17 November. The programming assignment is due by 9:00 am on Friday, 17 November. It is your responsibility to have your assignment in place at that time.

Late assignments will also be copied at 9:00 am each of the following three days. There is a 10% penalty for each day the assignment is late.