CSCI 201 Homework Assignment 7

Written Assignment

Write solutions to Review Questions 7.3, 7.6, 7.7, 7.10, 7.11, 7.18, and 7.19 on pages 250 to 253 of the textbook.

Due Date

Students in the evening lecture sections should turn in their written homework at class on Monday, 30 October. Students in the day-time lecture sections should turn in their written homework at class on Wednesday, 1 November.

Programming Project

Write a computer program to solve Programming Exercise 7.1 on page 255 of your textbook. As in the "cat" lab, you must include a Main class to test your Rectangle class.

Create a NetBeans project called Homework7 to solve this problem. We suggest you start with the skeleton NetBeans project contained in the Homework 7 ZIP file.

Turning in

Your completed program must be stored within a subdirectory csci/201/Homework7 of your Linux home directory. If you create a project named Homework7 at project location csci/201 this will happen automatically.

If you complete this assignment on your "home" system, you still must create a csci/201/Homework7 directory within your Linux account to store your work. You can copy to that directory the java files for your Main and Rectangle classes.

Due date

Programming assignments will be copied from student directories at 9:00 am on Friday, 3 November. It is your responsibility to have your assignment in place at that time.

Late assignments will also be copied at 9:00 am each of the following three days. There is a 10% penalty for each day the assignment is late.