CSCI 431 Homework 6

time due submission file
10:25 PM Wednesday 19 October, 2005 csci/431/HW6/

The assignment

You all learned Java is CSCI 201, but some new (and exciting) features were added to Java in version 5. Your assignment is rather unconstrained. You are to write a well-documented Java programmer that illustrates the use of some of the seven Java enhancements referenced by the JDK 5 Java Programming Language page.

There's a "point" system for this assignment. Each illustration of the following new enhancements gains you the points shown in the following table. The maximum number of points you can get is 10, and programs can lose points for poor documentations. If you take examples from other sources, you must credit them.

Enhanced for Loop1
Typesafe Enums2
Static import1

Turning in

Copy to the assignment drop-off directory.