CSCI 431 Homework 5

time due submission file
10:25 PM Wednesday 12 October, 2005 csci/431/HW5/BoolTests.atg

The turn-in time

This is a more difficult assignment with a longer due date. Assignment 6 may even be due before Assignment 5.

The assignment

We're going to start with the same old Assignment 4 language, but this time you are expected to actually execute it!

The result of executing a boolean equivalence is one of three values: true, false, or undefined. Suppose your program is called upon to evaluate the following boolean equivalence:

In this case the result should be undefined is either A or B had never been assigned a value. It's true when A and B have the same value, and false otherwise.

Your assignment is to modify the attribute grammar specification found in a ZIP'ed starter file for this assignment. I suggest you use Java's HashMap class to manage the variables. The started file is even "pre-loaded" with some Java that uses the HashMap class.

Turning in

Copy BoolTests.atg to the assignment drop-off directory.