CSCI 431 Homework 3

time due submission file
10:25 PM Monday 12 September, 2005 csci/431/HW3/BoolEq.atg

The assignment

This is a small "warm-up" assignment for the next couple of homework. The continuing textbook example for Chapter 2 has been a "calculator" example. I want you to specify a Boolean equivilence language. The input to this language will be potential Boolean equivilences. Some example input for this languauge follows:

Note that the language supports, three Boolean operators: (1), and, denoted with concatentation; (2), or, denoted with +; and (3), not, denoted with !. In addition, the langauge has an equivlence operator ==, which should occur only once in each line, along with constants 0 and 1.

Turning in

Copy your Coco/R grammar to the assignment drop-off directory.