Fall 2004 CSCI 201 Homework Assignments

Due dates and late penalties

Each CSCI 201 assignment will specify a precise name of a file location on the UNCA CSCI file server where the assignment is to be stored. Assignments will be "collected" by running a Perl script to copy submitted assignments from student directories. If you assignment is not found, an email message will be sent to your bulldog.unca.edu informing you that your assignment has not be submitted.

All assignments are due at precisely 8:00 AM on the due date. This time was chosen to make sure that no CSCI 201 student misses any other classes while making last-minute efforts to complete a CSCI 201 assignments.

The scripts to collect assignments will be run at 8:00 on five consective days. Weekend days and UNCA holidays will be counted as part of these five days. Each day your homework is missing, a penalty of 20% will be deducted from your grade for that assignment.

All submitted programs are expected to be legal Java programs which have been successfully compiled by the Java compiler.


# Due time Assignment Description
1 8:00 AM Friday 27 August, 2004 Life history and submission test
2 8:00 AM Saturday 25 September, 2004 Calculation exercise
3 8:00 AM 22 October, 2004 Using classes
4 8:00 AM 15 November, 2004 Conditional execution
4 8:00 AM 1 December, 2004 Loops and arrays