Fall 2003 CSCI 363 Syllabus


The course instructor is Dean Brock. The course lectures will be delivered on Monday and Wednesday from 2:20 PM to 3:35 PM in Karpen 011.

Generally, lectures review and illustrate concepts covered in the textbook. CSCI 363 students are expected to consult the course schedule and read the relevant sections of textbook before coming to class.

Class home page

During the Fall 2003 semester, all class handouts, including homework assignments, can be found through the following URL:


The textbook for the course will be Computer Networks: A Systems Approach written by Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie and published by Morgan Kaufmann (ISBN 0-55860-832-X).


Grades will be based on on points earned from exercises, frequent quizzes, and a final exam as follows:

Quizzes 30%
Final exam 30%
Exercises 40%
Total 100%

The following numerical scale will be used in assigning grades based on Score, the weighted score computed using the preceding table.

Score ≥ 92A
Score ≥ 90 & Score < 92A-
Score ≥ 88 & Score < 90B+
Score ≥ 82 & Score < 88B
Score ≥ 80 & Score < 82B-
Score ≥ 78 & Score < 80C+
Score ≥ 72 & Score < 78C
Score ≥ 70 & Score < 72C-
Score ≥ 68 & Score < 70D+
Score ≥ 60 & Score < 68D
Score < 60F


During the semester there will be six 25-minute quizzes. This quizzes will cover recent class material and will resemble practice homework questions. These homework questions, which will not be graded and may even include short programming exercises, may be viewed on the CSCI 363 homework index. Solutions to homework questions will also appear on this index. However, as a courtesy to the textbook authors, no solutions will be posted to problems assigned from the textbook.

In computing the quiz average, the lowest quiz score of the six will be dropped.


Course exercises will generally be programming assignments or simulation experiments. Some course exercises may be group projects but, unless explicitly noted in the exercise descriptions, these assignment should represent your individual effort. Unauthorized collaboration on any CSCI 363 assignment will result in a grade of zero for the assignment.

Past and future influences

I last taught CSCI 363 at UNCA in the Fall 2001 semester. Copies of exams and assigned homework can be found via the course home page.

For more information

My office is Robinson 221A, and my office hours are XXX. However, the best way to get in touch with me is to send email to brock@cs.unca.edu.