Fall 2003 CSCI 363 Exercises

Unless otherwise indicated all exercises are due at noon on the day indicated. Because a shell script will be run to collect the solution, you must have your program in place by 11:00 am of the due date.

Exercise 1 -- Due 5 September

Modify the client program of section 1.4.2 of the textbook to open a TCP connection to port 3630 of etowah.cs.unca.edu and send a single line containing your name and your student id. You should do this assignment by yourself. [I assume you would not share your student id with another.]

Use the following lines to create a read-protected directory in your UNCA CSCI account.

 [user@mach dir] mkdir -p ~/csci/363/exer01
 [user@mach dir] chmod 700 ~/csci/363

Store your completed program in ~/csci/363/exer01/solution. You may write your program in C, C++, Java, or Perl.

Log of connections

Exercise 2 -- Due 3 October

Write TCP client program that performs the following actions.

Store your completed solution in your UNCA CSCI account in one of the following files depending on the programming language you use.


Exercise 3 -- Due 21 November, 11:00 am

See the Exercise 3 page. You can also download my test programs for the assignment. It is written in Perl and will acquire some tweaking to get it to work.

Exercise 4 -- Due 3 December, 11:00 am

See the Exercise 4 page.