Extremely Tedious and Detailed Guide to jGRASP Directory Creation

We're going to assume that your jGRASP New Project dialog has brought you to the directory C:\Files and that you intend to create a new subdirectory called Lab2a in that location.

The starting point

In your initial configuration, move your mouse over to the Create New Folder icon, New Folder icon.
Starting at C:\Files

Creating a new folder

Press the icon and a new directory called New Folder will be created.
The new folder appears

Selecting the name

Move to the words New Folder. Click once. Wait three seconds. Click a second time. A small box should surround the words New Folder.
Name selected

Clearing the name

Press the Delete key to clear the name.
Name cleared

Entering the name

Just type in the new name.
Name being entered

Completing the renaming

Hit the Enter key. The directory is renamed.
Directory renamed

Selecting the new directory

Double-click on the folder icon associated with Lab2b to enter the new directory.
In Lab2b