Extremely Tedious and Detailed Guide to jGRASP Directory Search

We're going to assume that your jGRASP New Project dialog starts in the Windows directory F:\unix and that you are trying to get to C:\Files.

The starting point

Here's the initial display. The F:\unix at the top is our starting point.
Starting at F:\unix

Displaying the lower tree

We move the cursor over to the downward arrow at the end of the box displaying the name of the currrent directory, unix. We press the mouse and see the directory hierachy above F:\unix. Our present position is highlighted.
Relative position of F:\unix

Getting on the right drive

Since we want to go to a directory on the C: drive, go ahead and select C:.
Selecting C:

Viewing a new directory

After we have clicked C:, the many files and subdirectories of C:\ are displayed.
Directories of C:\/>

Selecting a new directory

Select Files from the C:\ directory.
Selecting C:\Files

The destination

Pressing the mouse will bring us a display of the C:\Files directory.
Displaying C:\Files