Fall 2001 CSCI 363 Homework 9

This assignment is due Thursday, 6 December.

Problem 1

If odd parity is being used, what parity bit is added to the following seven-bit sequences?

Problem 2

If 10011 is being used as the generator G for a Cyclic Redundancy Check, what is the remainder R left after dividing G into the 12-bit message 101010101011?

Problem 3

Suppose the 48-bit, or six-byte, pattern 10101011 00110100 01000001 01111110 00000000 01111101 is to be transmitted within the data section of a PPP packet. How are these six bytes transmitted?

Problem 4

Draw a network in which a learning bridge connects two LANS, each with three nodes. Label your nodes and give six packets that must be transmitted before the bridge learns the location of all six nodes.

Problem 5

Do problem 1 on page 559 of the text.

Problem 6

Do problem 2 on page 559 of the text. You can do this part individually or with your group. Save the output into your Unix CSCI account and write the URL on your turned-in assignment.

Later, we'll show you how to "stream" this output.