Fall 2001 CSCI 363 Homework 5

This assignment is due Tuesday, 23 October.

The task

Your assignment is to optionally re-do Homework 1.


No matter what you do, eventually your grade on Homework 5 will become equal to your grade on Homework 1.

If you choose not to do this assignment, your Homework 5 grade will be equal your present Homework 1 grade. If you did well on Homework 1, you'll probably choose this "no more work" option.

If you choose to do this assignment, your submitted Homework 5 will be graded. This will get you two grades, which we'll call raw grades on both Homeworks 1 and 5. Your final, or cooked grade for both homework assignments, will be set to the higher of the two raw grades. If you didn't do well on Homework 1, you should choose this "more work" option.

The re-do

The problem with many Homework 1 submissions is that they had very little discussion of the actual output lines of the netstat, ping, traceroute, and nslookup programs. This time, I'd like to see some real discussion. Circle a few fields of output and explain what they mean!

To make sure you don't overwhelm me with paper, it will be acceptable to only print the first twenty-five lines output by the netstat, ping, and traceroute programs. You can do this by piping the output of these network monitoring programs into the head program as shown below:

By the way, because nslookup is run interactively, you cannot use head with its output.