Memory management lectures for CSCI 333/431

While one of the professors in CSCI 333/431 is making a presentation at the 6th Natural Language Processing Pacific Rim Symposium and the other is enjoying Tokyo, we've video-taped a two-hour lecture for the combined CSCI 333/431 classes on memory management and garbage collection.


CSCI 333 students should read Section 12.4 (pp. 406 to 418) of their textbook for this lecture. CSCI 431 students should read XXXXX of their textbook for this lecture.

The following two on-line references, both referenced during the presentation, may also be consulted by students desiring more practical information on the the implementation of memory managers.


You'll probably want to follow along with the "overheads" while viewing the lecture. They are available in three formats:


And now for our special feature,

You will need a copy of RealPlayer to view this video. A free copy of RealPlayer can be downloaded from the web site.