Home page for UNCA ENGR 273 -- Fall 2000

ENGR 273 is UNCA's number for the North Carolina State course, ECE 206, Introduction to Computer Organization. ECE 206 has a real home page down at NC State. The purpose of this page, http://www.cs.unca.edu/engr/273/, is to organize UNCA information about ECE 206 in a single place.

Lab Sections

The lab assignments in the following table are wholely the creation of Dean Brock. They have no official status at either UNCA or NCSU.

Lab ALab BLab CLab X
Monday 10:00-11:50 Wednesday 2:15-4:05 Friday 10:00-11:50 TBA
Benevento, JM
Damron, HE
Jackson, CD
Jones, DS
Nichols, CW
Raymer, BC
Whitehead, JM
Woodby, JB
Friday, SK
Lunsford, RV
Melton, BL
Odel, JM
Perkins, DE
Smith, JE
Stader, JH
Tallant, RL
Baumberger, JD
Chapman, JB
Guth, MT
Laws, PD
Little, BA
McCallister, CT
Nix, JD
Taylor, PB
Hawkins, JW
Howell, JD

Lab Meeting Dates

 Lab ALab BLab C
Monday 10:00-11:50 Wednesday 2:15-4:05 Friday 10:00-11:50
Lab 1 18 September 20 September 15 September
Lab 2 9 October 11 October 13 October
Lab 3 23 October 25 October 27 October
Lab 4 6 November 8 November 10 November
Lab 5 27 November 29 November 1 December

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