Syllabus for CSCI 255, ENGR 274, ECE 212

What we study

In this course you learn a bit about the hardware of digital systems. You'll also see how computers are built from transistors to gates to function units such as memories and processing units. ENGR 274 and ECE 212 are entitled Fundamentals of Logic Design, an appropriate name for this course. Although UNCA CSCI 255 has been a logic design course for years, it still has the title Computer Organization.

Lectures and labs

The course instructor is Dean Brock. The course lectures will be delivered on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM in Ramsey 011. These lectures will be broadcast to XXXXX.


The textbook for the course will be Contemporary Logic Design, written by Randy Katz and published by Benjamin/Cummings (ISBN 0-8053-2703-7).


Grades will be based on a combination of homeworks, and exams. Grades of UNCA students will also be partially based on graded labs. NCSU students have a separate one-hour lab course in Logic Design. Since this is the last offering of ECE 212 at N.C. State, we will follow their historical grading policies in weighing the final grades. In particular, grades at UNCA will be weighed as follows:

Component Points
Homeworks 15.0%
Labs 25.0%
Two quizes 37.5%
Final 22.5%

while NCSU grades will be weighed as:

Component Points
Homeworks 20%
Two quizes 50%
Final 30%


There will be about a dozen homework assignments. We'll follow the Summer 2000 ECE 212 rules on collaboration:

Collaboration is sanctioned (and encouraged). You may work together in teams of no more than 4 students and turn in a single assignment with all particpant names included. Realize that mastery of the material in the homework assignments will be essential for a good performance in the exams.

For more information

My office is Robinson 220, and my office hours are XXXXX However, the best way to get in touch with me is to send email to

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