CSCI 255, ENGR 274, ECE 212 -- 7 September, 2000


Karnaugh maps


Implicant A group of terms in the on-set or don't care set that can be combined into a cube. At least one element of the on-set must be in the cube.
Prime implicant A maximal implicant or an implicant that is not contained within a larger implicant
Essential prime implicant A prime implicant that contains an element of the on-set that is contained by no other prime implicant

Optimization with Karnaugh maps

  1. Find the prime implicants
  2. Find the esential prime implicants. Each of these must be contained in the final expression.
  3. If there are remaining uncovered 1's, cover them with a minimum set of prime implicants. This is an NP-complete problem!

Finding your Karnaugh