Homework 2 -- Looking at DNS

Using nslookup

Use the program nslookup, which is installed on the Unix computers at UNCA, to find out the following:

  1. The name servers for some European county.
  2. The name servers for some African county.
  3. The start-of-authority (SOA) resource record for some Asian country.
  4. The IP address of math.ucla.edu.
  5. The "real" name of the web server www.harvard.edu. Use cname.
  6. The "real" name of the web server www.ucla.edu.

More on nslookup

See if anyone has a working name server for lastname.com, where lastname is your last name.

Name server administration

Look at the files stored in the directory /etc/namedb on woodfin.cs.unca.edu and write a couple of sentences about how information about the computer enka.cs.unca.edu is stored in these files.

Due dates and turning it in

Either email your answers to me by 12:15 on Tuesday, 21 September, or turn them in at the beginning of class on that day.

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