CSCI 107 & MMAS 173 -- Using Computers and Networks


This is an introductory course in computer science and multimedia which is cross-listed as both CSCI 107, Using Computers and Networks, and MMAS 173, ST: Using Computers and Networks.

Each week the course has two hours of lectures and a formal lab session that will also last about two hours. The lectures focus on the technical convergence of computer and communications technology. We will survey computer hardware and software, with a particular emphasis on their use in multimedia. We will also examine the societal effects of computers and multimedia. The formal labs develop skills in useful computer applications such as spread sheets, databases, Internet browsers, and multimedia design tools.

Class materials

The textbook for the course is Exploring the Digital Domain: An Introduction to Computing with Multimedia and Networking written by Abernethy and Allen. This book is published by PWS Publishing Company (ISBN 053423148-9). Other course materials, such as assignments and schedule, may be reached from this page which is located at the URL


There will be two one-hour tests and a final exam as noted on class schedule . These tests will be based on the lectures, class discussions and readings. There will also be at least three class projects. The formal labs will also be a component of your grade. In computing your final grade, these sources will be given the following weights

Two one-hour tests 40%
Final exam 20%
Projects 20%
Labs 20%

Your final grade will be computed by dividing your accumulated points by the total number of possible points and then assigning a letter grade according to the following table

93% to 100% A
84% to 92% B
75% to 83% C
65% to 74% D
below 65% F

Lecture sessions

Lab sessions

All lab sessions will meet in Karpen 037.

Lecture and lab instructors

By the way, all of these people respond to email messages much quicker than they respond to voice mail!

Attendence Policy


Students are expected to attend all class lectures. Failure to do so will be considered a lack of interest in success on the part of the student.


It is especially important that you attend all labs. If you must miss a lab for illness or other emergency and if there is a free seat in a another lab during that week you may be able to make arrangements to take the lab at that time. After the week has passed you very definitely will not be able to make up the lab and you will receive a score of zero for that week's lab.

Exams and Quizzes

If you must miss an exam or quiz due to illness you must telephone the instructor before the scheduled time and perhaps something can be arranged to avoid a zero for this exam or quiz. Failure to notify the instructor prior to the scheduled time will produce an automatic zero for the quiz or exam.

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