Assigned readings on RPC's for CSCI 363 -- Fall 1997

The book Power Programming with RPC, written by John Bloomer and published by O'Reilly and Associciates (0-937175-77-3), describes the ONC (Open Network Computing) RPC. Read chapter 1, "Introduction to Remote Procedure Calling", and chapter 3, "Developing High-level RPC Applications" from this book.

The Guide to Writing DCE Applications, written by John Shirley, Wei Hu & David Magid and also published by O'Reilly and Associciates (1-56592-045-7), describes the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) of the Open Software Foundation. Read chapter 1, "Overview of an RPC Application", and chapter 2, "Using a DCE RPC Interface", of this book.

Read chapter 14, "Remote Method Invocation", of our textbook Java Network Programming and also connect to the Glen McClusky's tutorial Remote Method Invocation: Creating Distributed Java-to-Java Applications and study it. The UNCA CSCI directory /usr/local/csci/363/rmi contains McClusky's examples modified to work on our systems.

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