Quiz 1 -- CSCI 363

This is a closed book exam to be turned in at 1:30 pm. Please write your brief answers to the following questions on your own paper.

Problem 1. 8 points

What is the bit rate of the Ethernet? Answers within 10% to 1000% of the correct rate will be considered correct.

Problem 2. 8 points

Describe circumstances where bridging will increase network performance.

Problem 3. 8 points

Describe circumstances where bridging will not increase network performance.

Problem 4. 8 points

How does a bridge learn the addresses of the computers connected to its ethernet segments?

Problem 5. 20 points

Describe the signficance of the following phrases within the acronym CSMA/CD.

Problem 6. 8 points

Briefly describe how the Transmission Control Protocol ensures that data is delivered reliably in a connected session.

Problem 7. 8 points

Describe differences between the classes of IP networks. It is not necessary to be very specific. You don't need to include any numbers in your answer.

Problem 8. 8 points

Why do TCP connections need a port address? Why isn't the machine address sufficient?

Problem 9. 8 points

Why does the Internet Protocol need to support fragmentation?

Problem 10. 8 points

What feature of the Internet Protocol prevents fragments from roaming the Internet forever?

Problem 11. 8 points

What is the significance of the following ranking of protocols?