Homework 4 - Application specification

Pass I -- Due 12:15, 30 October, 1997

At the beginning of the term, we talked about the "oracle" program, in which, a user asked a question and was provided an answer. The joke of the application is that immediately after asking his/her question, the user is requested to answer another question which just happens to come from another user.

In this assignment, you are to write a two-part specification for a network-based oracle. The first part of the specification is a user interface. This part can be very simple, a collection of sample user interactions or storyboards will do the trick. In your user specification, be sure to take into account that some users will wish to abort the program before it completes. If you want to make a really solid user interface specification, you can also write a vapor-ware program.

The second part of the specification must be a bit more formal. This part is the protocol specification. You need to document the data strings transmitted between the client and server applications and any significant error handling between the two.

You may do this part of the assignment in groups of up to four people. On the due date, each group will be expected to present a five-minute presentation of their specification.

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