Homework 3 - Java socket programming

The assignment

Due 5:00 PM, 16 October, 1997

On 23 September, 1997, two vaporware versions, one using JDK 1.0 and the other using JDK 1.1, of the Line Counter client were presented in class. Your job is to de-vaporize one of those programs so that it really contacts a Line Counter server.

There will be a Line Counter server running at port 3630 of tryon.cs.unca.edu. To make your life a bit easier, the Line Counter server will be logging connections and received packets to the file /usr/local/csci/363/lc.log on the Computer Science workstations.

The delivery

Store your completed applet in csci/363/Home03.java of your Computer Science account. Also, create an HTML file csci/363/Home03.html for running your applet.

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