Homework 2 - Java host lookup

The assignment

Due 5:00 PM, 2 October, 1997

Write a Java program that takes an Internet-style domain name, such as penrose.cs.unca.edu, as its single argument and prints the IP number, in this case, of that machine and then iterates through the next seven IP numbers, in this case to, and prints the domain names of those seven hosts.

If your program is given a bad argument, it should print a error message similar to:

The delivery

Within your Computer Science home directory created a protected subdirectory by typing the following commands:

and store your completed program in csci/363/Home02.java. Be sure to name your program's class Home02.

There are special programs that allow all Computer Science faculty to copy any files stored within your csci directory. Your program will be picked up on the due date.

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