Final exam open section -- CSCI 363

This is the open section of the exam. You may consult your textbook, class notes, and graded assignments in completing this part of the exam. This exam must be turned in by 2:45 PM.
Name: _____________________.

Problem 1. 8 points

Describe how a system like Kerberos could be used to make it more difficult to forge e-mail. Be specific. State which applications would have to be re-written to take advantage of Kerberos' facilities.

Problem 2. 8 points

Describe the function of the RMI registry. Explain what it does down to the level of port numbers.

Problem 3. 8 points

Write a little bit of Java code to open a TCP connection to port 2000 on the machine Be sure that your code prints an error message if it is unable to open the connection.

Problem 4. 11 points

Suppose a client application has opened a Socket S and then used the output side of S to construct a PrintWriter with the following code:

Now complete the following method TransmitInts to send, in ASCII code, the contents of an integer array A to the server. Be sure to first send the size of the array!

void TransmitInts(PrintWriter P, int [] A)


Write the array in such a way that any TCP-based server can read it! By the way, the number of elements in the array is A.length in Java.