CSCI 107.08L Lab Schedule

Textbooks and materials

Much of the materials you'll use in class will come from on-line handouts; however, you will also use two lab manuals

You will also need about four 3.5" diskettes to save your work.


Grades for this lab are integrated with the lecture part of the CSCI 107. See the syllabus for your lecture section for detail information about grade weighting.

Assignments will be given in many labs. Four of these will be submitted at the beginning of the lab at which they are due and will be graded. Graded assignments will be penalized 5% for each day they are late.

Lab attendance

You are expected to attend all lab sessions. This is a "hands-on" experience and many of the software demonstrations and exercises are not covered in the text. If a student must miss a lab, he/she needs to complete the day' work in an "open" lab before the next class meeting.

Academic misconduct policy

Cheating on any assignment in any way will result in a grade of zero. Both the person(s) who shares an answer(s) and the person(s) who accepts the information will receive the grade indicated. The student's awareness of this policy and confirmation that the work submitted conforms with this policy will be indicated by his/her signature on the assignment sheet; work submitted without the student's signature will not be graded.


This is a preliminary lab schedule. Whatever the final schedule turns out to be it will closely follows the schedule of the other daytime lab sections of CSCI 107.

August 18 Email and WWW page access
August 25 MS/DOS
September 1 Computer hardware & Word Processing
September 8 Word Processing
September 15 Word Processing
September 22 Internet
October 1 Internet
October 8 Spreadsheets
October 13 FALL BREAK
October 20 Spreadsheets
October 27 Graphics
November 3 Graphics
November 10 Databases
November 17 Databases
November 24 Databases

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