Internet lab 2 -- CSCI 107

In this lab you will transfer an image file from the UNCA web server to a diskette on your computer, modify the image, and then place the modified image in your bulldog directory.

Retrieving an image from the Internet

We'll start by going to the home page for the UNCA Athletics department. Start up netscape and then either use your mouse to select your way to the Athletics page by the route

  1. UNCA page
  2. Campus Information
  3. Athletics

or just directly type in the URL

Now go down into one of the team sport pages until you see a picture you'd like to modify. Copy this picture onto your disk by moving your mouse over the image and then pressing the right mouse button. From the pop-up menu choose

This should bring the image into the brower. Now save the file by taking the following route through the Netscape menu:

  1. File
  2. Save as

Save the picture as a:\myimage.jpg on your diskette.

Modifying the image

You'll use the picture editor Lview Pro to modify the image. Lview Pro doesn't have the features of many other photo editors, such as Adobe PhotoShop, but Lview Pro is a relatively inexpensive shareware application.

Go back to the Program Manager and start up Lview Pro. You'll find it located under the Internet Access Programs group. Slowly move your mouse over the two vertical bars to the right of Lview Pro to see something about its features.

Now read your saved image into Lview Pro and make some modifications to it. At the least, crop the image. You can also try out some of the more advanced commands, like balancing the color. However, you'll need a lot of practice to obtain useful results. In the meantime, you can always re-read the image stored on disk until you get it right.

When your satisfied with your artistic efforts, save the modified imaeg on your diskette as a:\polished.jpg.

Go back into netspace. This time follow the menu through

  1. File
  2. Open File

and type the name of the file you just created.

Transfering the file to bulldog

Open the WS FTP program within the Internet Access Programs group of the program manager. Now connect to your bulldog account.

Now connect to the A: drive on your computer by pressing the [-a-] in the left-hand menu and connect to your public_html directory on bulldog by pressing public_html in the right-hand menu.

In the local system menu, double click polished.jpg. This should transfer your file over to bulldog.

Go back into Netscape and load the URL

Your image should appear. You should also be able to view the image of your labmates by using the appropriate YOURID.

In case of emergency

You may get a permission denied message when you try to view your image under netscape. If this happens you need to log into bulldog and run the program

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