Internet lab 3 -- CSCI 107

Internet home pages are written in HTML -- Hypertext Markup Language. Most good work processors will produce HTML as output, but we're going to generate HTML the old-fashioned way.

Every Internet page should look something like the following:

<TITLE>Some descriptive title</TITLE>
<H1>Some descriptive header</H1>
A lot of other stuff...

If you are doubtful, follow the

  1. View
  2. Page Source

menu items in Netscape.

The odd elements in the angle brackets, such as <H1>, are called tags. They control the way the page is displayed.

We are not going to give a complete description of HTML here. Instead we are going to refer you to Susan Humphrey's tutorial Personal Home Pages at UNCA or any of the several hundred HTML tutorials that are stored on the Internet.

Getting started

Log into bulldog. Connect to your public_html directory and copy the file ~brock/107start.html to your personal home page ~/public_html/index.html. However, if you already have a home page, do not execute the copy command!

Now go back to Netscape and load your home page by connecting to the URL

Completing the page

Now start up pico and your new home page file and fill in the blanks.

Continuing your work

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