Homework for CSCI 107.002

Homework 1 - Due 15 September, 1997

Write a short description, a couple of paragraphs, of how shareware started using documents found on the World Wide Web. Start with the page http://www.freewarehof.org/sstory.html. Be sure to mention the sources you use in gathering your material.

Also, list three different shareware programs found on the Web.

Homework 2 - Due 1 October, 1997

Show how your bulldog.unca.edu user-id would be encoded into ASCII using even-parity. The panels on pages 168 and 169 of the textbook should help you out here.

Homework 3 - Due 8 October, 1997

Look into some computer-related magazine and find prices for the following items. Turn in your answers as a specific list of items that give significant performance information and prices, e.g.,

Homework 4 - Due 26 November, 1997

Chapter 8 of the textbook discusses several topics related to "consumer communications" that we didn't discuss in class. These include: Choose some topic related to consumer communications. Find at least two articles in the popular press and at least two Internet pages that discuss that topic. Write a brief report on the topic; however, don't turn in your report. Instead save it on the Internet in HTML format at the following URL: By the way, it never hurts to have a few images on an Internet page. If you don't care to HTML in pico, WordPerfect 8, which is installed in the Karpen hall labs, will transform a WordPerfect document into HTML.

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