On-line readings for Dean Brock's CSCI 173 -- Fall 1996

The Internet is the best place to find information about the Internet. This page contains a few good references. There are many, many others.

Electronic mail

First, read chapter 2 of the textbook.

The "official" mailer of UNCA is pine. Read the Computer Center's two page pine tutorial. Not only is pine the easiest mailer on the Internet, but it also supports the inclusion of image and audio files through MIME.

Two previous instructors of CSCI 173 have written excellent tutorials on pine. Check them out!

Also look at Ernie Ackermann's Basics of E-mail home page. There you'll find some links that will be useful in tracking down people on the Internet. This home page is written as a companion to chapter two of the textbook.

Basics of Unix

Read Appendix A of the textbook.

There are many on line references to Unix. You might just want to start out by looking at Ernie Ackermann's list of Internet Resources for Unix. Here are a few locally generated references that Ackermann forgot to include.

The old applications

Read chapters 3 and 4 of the textbook.

The old Internet applications, telnet, FTP, etc., are described all over the network. You can start with Ernie Ackermann's on-line quides

HTML -- Hypertext Markup Language

There are dozens of tutorials. I suggest you start with NCSA's A Beginner's Guide to HTML. If you want more, go to the Library of Congess Internet resource page for HTML. It is an extremely well-organized collection of links to tutorials on both beginning and advanced topics.

Searching the web

First, read Appendix B of the textbook to learn a bit about netscape. Now look at the on-line "help" pages of Digital's AltaVista Search for more information about AltaVista's simple search and advanced search methods.

There are lots of Internet index sites. Paula Davidson maintains a very exhaustive list called "Spiders, Crawlers and other Indexes to the Internet" which is worth consulting.

Communicating to groups

Mailing lists and electronic news are covered in chapters 5 and 6 of the textbook. Ernie Ackermann's on-line guide to has chapters can be reached below.

These web references contain scores of useful links for resources for finding interesting mail lists or using newsreaders.

If you like to give your business to the local HTML authors, check out Paula Davidson's tin tutorial.

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