Quiz 1 for section 1 of CSCI 173

Getting ready

Log into one of the Computer Science computers and type the following commands exactly as they appear here:

Note that the last two commands end with a space followed by a period

These commands create a protected directory csci/173 that can be accessed only by you and copy a file no.fun into that directory. Do all your work in this directory!

Question 1 -- Creating file with pico

Use the pico editor to create a file shark in your directory. The file should contain one sentence that is relevant to sharks.

Question 2 -- Editing files with pico

Edit the file no.fun to answer the question asked in the file.

Question 3 -- Sending email with pine

Send an email message to brock@atms.unca.edu and attach your public html file, ~/public_html/index.html, to your message. Explain in your message that you are only doing this because you were forced to in an exam.

Question 4 -- FTPing a file

Use anonymous FTP to retrieve any file from the directory /pub/brock/173 on the FTP server ftp.cs.unca.edu. Save the file into your current Unix directory.