Homework #2 for CSCI 173

Due 13 September, 1996

Again, this is a three part exercise.

Part 1 -- Finding an email address

Do problem 10 on page 64 of the textbook. Email brock@cs.unca.edu the result of your seach.

Part 2 -- FTPing a file

Use FTP to retrieve any file from the directory ftp://ftp.cs.unca.edu/pub/brock/173/. Use pine to attach the file to a message to brock@cs.unca.edu.

Part 3 -- Creating a new home page

Get onto netscape and read the first two sections, " Getting Started" and " HTML Documents" of A Beginner's Guide to HTML.

Now use pico to create in your public_html called barebones.html that looks somewhat like the bare-bones document you encountered in your reading. You should be able to connect to your creation via the URL http://www.cs.unca.edu/~yourid/barebones.html.

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