Homework #1 for CSCI 173

Due 4 September, 1996

This is a three part assignment.

Part 1 -- Sending mail from your accounts

Using pine, send email to brock@cs.unca.edu from both your bulldog and Computer Science accounts. Refer to the class readings page and chapter two of your textbook for more information about email.

Part 2 -- Sending binary files

Send a GIF file to brock@cs.unca.edu as an "attachment" in a pine. If you don't have a GIF file, you can get one called checker.gif by executing the following command on either bulldog or the CSCI workstations:

This command will place checker.gif in your home directory.

Part 3 -- Modifying a file

Use the pico to modify the file ~/public_html/index.html on the Computer Science workstations to say something interesting about yourself. Use netscape to look at your modification.

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