Open book section of CSCI 173 final

Question 1 -- 8 points

Use anonymous FTP to retrieve the file from the directory /pub/brock on the FTP server Email the file to as a message attachment.

Question 2 -- 8 points

Why is the -h option of the archie command so useful?

Question 3 -- 8 points

What is the name of a Unix news group that discusses agroforestry?

Name one person who recently posted a message on this news group.

Question 4 -- 20 points

Use your internet search savvy to find home pages for the following entities. Write down the URL that you find. To get full credit, you need to find significant top-level home pages. For example, is a more significant home page for UNCA than .

Question 5 -- 8 points

Describe a good altavista advanced search query for finding pages related to tall buildings in Columbia, South Carolina.

Question 6 -- 8 points

Which is the correct way to cause a HTML document to contain the following